"Wondersight" adjustable rear sight for S&W 3 screw I,J,K, and N frame revolvers

To order contact Evan's Precision Tooling Manufactured in Oregon, U.S.A.

* Commonly called 5-screw or 4-screw, made before approximately 1960. Has upper side-plate screw being located where the illustration shows the sight's mounting screw. Provided screw replaces the original screw.

Wondersight package contents Wondersight package contents

For older S&W (and imitations) with upper side-plate screw *

Wondersight knurled thumb screws.

An upgraded knurled mounting screw is included with sights and also available separately for upgrade to your existing Wondersight.

Specify firearm model and age to ensure proper thread fit. Two thread lengths available: request longer screw for older firearms and shorter length for newer firearms or freshly tapped holes. Oversize pitch diameter screw available for firearms with worn threads.

The knurled mounting screw is made by and available exclusively through Hollow Point Bullet Mold Service.

Vintage 1950's Wondersight ad Vintage 1950's Wondersight ad

For Colt, newer S&W, imitations, and any other revolvers having a flat side behind the cylinder

For newer Smith & Wesson "classic" models

Wondersight may be fitted to the new "classic" model Smith and Wesson revolvers with the upper side plate screw such as the 22-4. The sight bottoms out approximately 1/8" higher than the original sight notch due to the modern heavier frame limiting the Wondersight travel and may require the installation of a taller front sight. The Wondersight fit may be lowered slightly on the newer firearms with some minor modification to the sight. If fitting the sight to a recent production gun or mounting to a freshly drilled and tapped hole.