Standard hollow point bullet mold conversions

Examples of Erik Ohlen's single cavity traditional style bullet mold hollow point system. Includes the ability to have interchangeable pin tips. With beautiful hardwood knobs, or knurled metal pin holder.

Rifle44Bullet mold "RCBSandLyman4HPmolds" (  )RCBS 37-25-FN, RCBS 35-200-FN, RCBS 30-150-CM, Lyman 33889 Rifle45Bullet mold "RCBS-416-350-FP" (  )The big HP shown is for blowing up water filled pumpkins! The cup point pins tips are meant for hunting bigger game. Rifle46Bullet mold "Bens311467Mold6-12-09" (  )One mold with extra HP pins allows casting several different style HP's. Customer performed a nice job removing gas check from one cavity before sending it to Bullet Mold Service for a HP conversion of the other cavity. Rifle47Bullet mold "RCBS257-120-SPwEnlargedMeplatHP" (  )RCBS 257-120-SP with enlarged meplat and large HP meant for use on vermin. Opposite end of pin has a cup point end for medium game hunting use. HP should now be about a 112 grain bullet. Rifle48Bullet mold "Lyman-287405SC" (  )Lyman 287405 HP with extra pin with cup-point and flat point tips. Rifle49Bullet mold "RCBS-308-165-SIL" (  )RCBS 308-165-SIL Increased meplat to .250 to customers specifications for tube magazine rifle use with soft alloys at reduced speed. Should be an excellent close range deer-in-the-flower-beds bullet for quiet yet very effective soft alloy loads. Rifle50Bullet mold "OldWestMolds311-130hprepaired" (  )Old West brand brass mold had been damaged by a misaligned and offset homemade HP attempt. Mold nicely repaired by properly centering and boring to a larger HP pin size. Rifle51Bullet mold "NEI-311-155-GC-250meplatCupHP" (  )NEI 311 155 GC Modified for the same use as the RCBS 308-165-SIL shown above. Rifle52Bullet mold "Lyman-311291DC" (  )Lyman 311291 Rifle53Bullet mold "Lyman-311291scHPand-Cup" (  )Lyman 311291 supplied with a hollow point, cup point and a flat point pin end. Interchangeable pins allow three different style bullets from one mold. Rifle54Bullet mold "Lyman-311291-SC-HP" (  )Lyman 311291 SC HP with shorter pin for less nose weight loss on impact. Rifle55Bullet mold "Ideal-311316scHP" (  )Ideal 311316 Rifle56Bullet mold "Ideal-311359hp99gnsInWW" (  )Ideal 311359 HP This bullet was altered to a large hollow point for high powered air rifle use cast in pure lead. Rifle57Bullet mold "Lyman-311467-HPw2cupFlat-100dia" (  )Lyman 311467 Loverin design supplied with a 60 and 82 degree cup point pins, a flat point pin, and a standard rifle HP tip on reversable pin end inside knob assembly. Nice setup with cup points for controlled expansion to allow big game hunting and a bigger HP for smaller critters. Nose altered from semi-spitzer to a .1562" meplat for more frontal area for hunting. Rifle58Bullet mold "Lyman-358315sc" (  )Lyman 358315 HP. Rifle59Bullet mold "Ideal-358318hp2pins" (  )Ideal 358318 with two HP pin sizes. Also included with this mold were a cup point and flat point pin ends. Mold was modified to a larger meplat. Rifle60Bullet mold "Ideal-375248HP" (  )Ideal 375248 HP. Rifle61Bullet mold "Lyman-311041" (  )Lyman 311041 Rifle62Bullet mold "Lyman-Ideal-311410" (  )Lyman Ideal 311410 Rifle63Bullet mold "Ideal-311413" (  )Ideal 311413 Rifle64Bullet mold "Lyman-Ideal-311465" (  )Lyman Ideal 311465 Rifle66Bullet mold "Lyman-257420-and-Lyman-225438hp" (  )Lyman 257420 and 225438 HP with pins for explosive expansion. Rifle67Bullet mold "Lyman-225438" (  )Lyman 225438 22 HP's cast easy and are very explosive on impact. Modified to HP these lose only a few grains in weight but gain explosive expansion and some claim improved accuracy as well. Rifle68Bullet mold "Lyman-225438HPsc" (  )Lyman 225438 HP Rifle69Bullet mold "Ideal-225415HpSC" (  )Ideal 225415 HP Rifle70Bullet mold "Lyman-225415DC2" (  )Lyman 225415DC 48 grain. Sage rat special (Beldings ground squirrell). Talk about bang flop! Nothing explodes like a sage rat hit with a high velocity thin nosed hollow point cast bullet. HP modification removed less than 4 grains from bullet weight, weighs 44.5 grains without lube or GC. Rifle71Bullet mold "Lyman-225415dchp3" (  )Lyman 225415DC 55 grain. HP pin tip centered between the lube grooves. This one should really come apart on impact! Rifle72Bullet mold "Lyman-225415fullnose" (  )Another Lyman 225425 48gn HP, other end of HP pin has a cup point profile. Two different bullet profiles from one cavity. Rifle73Bullet mold "Lyman-225462w2pins" (  )Lyman 225462 with two pins allows four different bullet profiles from one mold cavity. Included are three HP sizes along with the installed cup point. Rifle74Bullet mold "Ideal-403149RifleHP" (  )Ideal 403149 A 330 grain bullet for a .40-50 Sharps straight on a Contender for wild piggies. Rifle75Bullet mold "RCBS-40-300-CSAtwopins" (  )RCBS 40-300-CSA. This mold is used for a blackpowder rifle. In past use the unaltered soft lead bullet did not expand so I modified the mold to provide a large hollow point cavity for deer sized game at the lower blackpowder velocities and an enlarged meplat flat point pin for the tougher critters. If you look closely you will notice that the altered cavity has about a 20% larger diameter meplat than the unaltered cavity. Rifle76Bullet mold "RCBS-30-180-FN" (  )RCBS 30-180 FN Rifle77Bullet mold "Saeco-30cal2pins" (  )Saeco 30 cal with extra pin set, mold has two HP profiles, cup point, and a flat or no pin end (inside handle set). Rifle78Bullet mold "Ideal-311466" (  )Lyman 311466 Rifle80Bullet mold "Lyman-358315HP" (  )Lyman 358315 HP. HP side is 202 grains with WW alloy. Should be a good medium game hunter for your 35 cal rifle or pistol. Rifle81Bullet mold "NEI-411-350-GC-Alum" (  )NEI 411 350 GC This 370 grain bullet is for use in a 405 Winchester barreled Contender. Rifle82Bullet mold "Ideal-457124HPGroundSprue" (  )Ideal 457124 hollow point conversion. Mold also has sprue side touched up on a surface grinder. Rifle83Bullet mold "Lyman-457191hpW4pins" (  )Lyman 457191 with three hollow point pins and one cup point pin. Bullet to be used saboted and regular in different firearms. Rifle84Bullet mold "NEI-458-550hp" (  )NEI 458 550 with larger HP for soft alloy high powered airgun hunting use. Pistol86Bullet mold "GroupOf4SCmoldsHP" (  )Ideal and Lyman HP molds 358242, 429434, 452374, 452488 Pistol87Bullet mold "Saeco-325" (  )Saeco 325 Pistol SC88Lyman 356402 (  1 cavity. )Lyman 356402 Pistol89Bullet mold "Lyman-35891HBHPnoGC" (  )Lyman 35891 HP with damaged gas check removed. These altered wadcutters are fun little plinkers, everyone should have one of these HP molds. Also could be used backwards as a low pressure hollow base bullet with a soft alloy. Pistol90Bullet mold "Lyman-35891-2hp" (  )Lyman 35891 Button nose hollow point. Pistol91Bullet mold "Ideal-357446hp" (  )Lyman 357446 HP Pistol92Bullet mold "Lyman-358156-SC-hpWbox" (  )Lyman 358156 HP with standard HP cavity. Pistol93Bullet mold "Mountain-Molds-357-160-FP" (  )Mountain Molds 358 160 FP with two HP sizes, a cup point, and a flat point tip. Pistol94Bullet mold "Ideal-357446" (  )Ideal 357446 with two HP pins. Pistol95Bullet mold "Lyman-358429ScHp" (  )Lyman 358429 with large HP. Pistol96Bullet mold "Ideal-358446DC" (  )Ideal 358446 Standard style and size HP Pistol97Bullet mold "Ideal-358446w2pins" (  )Ideal 358446 with two different angle cup point pins ends and a standard HP pin end. Knob is highly figured English walnut. Pistol98Bullet mold "358156" (  )Lyman / Ideal 358156 HP. Pistol99Bullet mold "Lyman-358156-SC-hp" (  )Lyman 358156 Pistol100Bullet mold "Lyman-358311HP" (  )Lyman 358311 RN HP Pistol101Bullet mold "358311" (  )Ideal 358311 RN HP. Pistol102Bullet mold "NEI-358-190" (  )NEI 358 190 HP. Pistol103Bullet mold "RCBS-38-175-RN" (  )RCBS 38-175-RN HP. Pistol104Bullet mold "Lyman-40188" (  )Lyman 40188 (401088) HP. Pistol105Bullet mold "Lyman-429421stndrdHP" (  )Lyman 429421 standard HP. Meant for standard velocity use on medium game. Pistol106Bullet mold "Lyman-429421BigHP" (  )Lyman 429421 with large HP. This large type HP cavity is NOT meant for hunting larger game, it will blow apart leaving a shallow wound. Perfect at higher velocities for milk jugs and vermin. At lower velocities with a soft alloy it will provide excellent expansion. Pistol107Bullet mold "Lyman-429421CupPoint-266meplat" (  )Lyman 429421 with cup point and flat point pin ends. This is an excellent higher velocity hunting bullet for big game. Pistol108Bullet mold "Lyman-429244SCHP" (  )Lyman 429244 with two different pin sizes. Different size pins produce cavities that allow effective use at either pistol or rifle velocities. Having two pin profiles allows two bullets with similar expansion characteristics but at different velocities from a single mold. Pistol109Bullet mold "Ideal-429244ScHp" (  )Ideal 429244 with large HP. Pistol110Bullet mold "NEI-430-260-4C" (  )NEI 430 260 HP. Pistol111Bullet mold "MountainMolds-MM432FC300" (  )Mountain Moulds # MM 432 FC 300 supplied with the installed customer specified smaller HP pin dimension shown and including also a cup point (end in handle) and a larger HP pin as extras. This mold is meant for a .444 Marlin but is being used in .44 Magnum. Pistol112Bullet mold "Ideal-431244" (  )Lyman 431244 HP. Pistol113Bullet mold "RCBS-44-200-CM" (  )RCBS 44-200-CM HP. Pistol114Bullet mold "Lyman-452423stdHPand82cupandflat" (  )Lyman 452423 Supplied with one standard HP pin. Also included is a reversable pin with a cup point on one end and a flat tip on the other. This allows unaltered, HP, and cup points to be cast from the same single cavity mold. Pistol115Bullet mold "Lyman-452454" (  )Lyman 452454 HP. This pin profile is a good compromise, if impact is at a higher velocity the nose will likely blow apart but the remaining bullet shank has plenty of weight to punch on through. Pistol116Bullet mold "LBT453-320-LFNhpwith2pins" (  )LBT molds 453 320 LFN converted to HP with both large and small hollow point tips and a 60 and 82 degree cup point tip. Pistol117Bullet mold "Lyman-454424DCcupandHPeds" (  )Lyman 454424 DC with two cup point profile pins (60 and 82 degrees included angle) and a standard HP profile pin. Pistol118Bullet mold "Lyman-454424with82cupandStdHP" (  )Lyman 454424 with a 82 degree cup point shown, also has a standard HP tip on the reversable pin. Pistol119Bullet mold "Ideal-452460alterednose177gn" (  )Ideal 452460 HP with nose radius removed. I have plans to test this concept as a cup point soon, as a cup point it may make a great medium hunter or a good "pin grabber". 177 grains as pictued, should be around 195 as a cup point. Pistol SC120Lyman 452460 (  1 cavity. )Lyman 452460 with my standard HP profile for moderate speed expansion with the softer alloys. Pistol121Bullet mold "452460-2" (  )Lyman / Ideal 452460 HP. Pistol122Bullet mold "452460" (  )Lyman / Ideal 452460 HP. Pistol123Bullet mold "Saeco-453-flying-ashtray" (  )Saeco 453, Ed's "flying ashtray". Large cavity pin provides a bullet similar in weight to a round ball. Designed so bullet is regulated to fixed blackpowder pistol sights. Note, this type cavity will blow though with higher powered centerfire type loads. A smaller alternate pin profile was also included with this mold for centerfire higher pressure cartridge use. Pistol124Bullet mold "Ideal-454190w2pins" (  )Ideal 454190 with two pins having a total of two cup point angles, a flat point, and a standard hollow point tip. Four different nose profiles are possible from this one mould with this simple package. Pistol125Bullet mold "Lyman-454485HP" (  )Lyman 454485 This is the same bullet as the 454190 but has a gas check shank. The reversable pin has a medium hollow point and a flat tip end, the flat tip allows the original round nose with flat to still be cast from this mold. Pistol126Lyman 454424 HP (  )Lyman 454424 HP. This bullet grouped under 2" at 150 yards for my customer in a Marlin lever gun. Pistol127Bullet mold "NEI-456-250" (  )NEI 456 250, Ed's "manstopper". Giant cavity for soft alloy at lower velocity. Produces massive expansion and fragmentation in lower speed testing so far. Pistol128Bullet mold "RCBS-45-270-SAA" (  )RCBS .45-270-SAA Supplied with three cup point and four hollow point pin profiles to allow one mold to function for a large range of velocity and alloy hardness applications. 470Magma (  1 cavity. Cup and standard HP point style. )Magma mold converted to hollow point. Rifle472Ideal and Lyman 311407, 311465, 311413 (  1 cavity. 30 and 38 caliber. HP point style. )Molds destined for high powered air rifle use. Ideal 311407, Lyman 311465, Ideal 311413, and aluminum 38 maxi mold by unknown maker. Rifle473Lyman 225438 (  1 cavity. .22 caliber. RN with HP point style. )22 HP mold, nice little bullet for any of the 22s from the Hornet to the Fireball or the Remington Jet. Pistol476RCBS 500-400-SWC (  1 cavity. .50 caliber. SWC point style. )Nice big HP in a nice big bullet. Top punch also shown. Rifle480RCBS 40-350-CSA (  1 cavity. 40 caliber. )RCBS mold with meplat enlarged to .257". Cup point and smaller hollow point pins are for hunting large game. Flat point pin for casting deeper penetrating bullets but with larger than factory meplat. Rifle508Lyman 225462 (  1 cavity. 22 caliber. HP point style. )Enlarged meplat allows huge cavity. Pistol512Lyman 358429 (  2 cavity. 38 caliber. SWC/HP point style. )Standard style hollow point conversion on a double cavity mold. Pistol518Ideal 358439 (  1 cavity. 38 caliber. SWC/HP point style. )Old Ideal mold had lost original pin. Converted mold to my standard HP system allowing interchangeable pins and larger HP cavity. Rifle519Lyman 358009 (  2 cavity. 35 caliber. RN / RN with HP point style. )358009 modified to a flattened RN with a HP. Also has cup point and deep HP pins. Rifle524Lyman 311291 (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. RN with HP point style. )Nice HP for hunting, will still feed very reliably from tube magazines. Pistol535Unknown Steel mold (  1 cavity. 50 caliber. RN with HP point style. )This unknown maker mold is intended for high powered air rifle use. Mold sprue plate is very similar to the Lee molds and the mold has narrow handle mount slots like the Lee as well. Nice little mold. Rifle538Unknown Aluminum (  1 cavity. 58 caliber. RN with HP point style. )Unknown aluminum 58 caliber mold with monstrous HP for high powered air rifle big game hunting use. The HP pin shank on this conversion is .375". Rifle540Lyman 375449 (  1 cavity. 375 caliber. FN with HP point style. )Nice vintage Lyman 375 mold converted to HP. Rifle544Ideal 311316 (  30 caliber. FN with HP point style. )Very nice old Ideal mold converted to HP. Four different pin tip styles were included. Rifle546Ideal 311316 (  1 cavity. 32 caliber. )Nice little 32 bullet with a big HP. Rifle547Lyman 31141 (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. FN point style. )Traditional style cavity standard HP mold. Pistol548Lyman 40132 (  1 cavity. 40 caliber. FN point style. )Nice little HP conversion with a cup point pin. Rifle551RCBS 30-180-FN (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. FN point style. )AN RCBS FN with one cavity modified to a standard HP configuration featuring several differing interchangeable pin tip sizes. Rifle553Unknown Bobs "Frankenmold" (  1 cavity. 475 caliber. )Pictured is Bobs "Frankenmold" HP'd for use in air rifles. Judging from the machining marks, mold appears to be home-shop built using a lathe only. Rifle556Lyman 311291 (  1 cavity. 30 caliber. RN with HP point style. )Nice 30 cal mold with several pin tips to match a large range of alloys and velocities. Rifle557Lyman 457658 (  1 cavity. 45 caliber. )Giant HP for use in high powered air rifles for small deer and feral pigs. Rifle558RCBS 37-250-FN (  2 cavity. )Traditional styled HP for big game. Rifle559RCBS 30-180-FN (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. )Traditional styled HP for big game. Rifle560Lyman 358009 (  2 cavity. 35 caliber. RN and RN with HP point style. )Lyman 358009 with HP for hunting large game. Note, this mold had battered alignment pin holes most likely from using an improperly fitted handle set. Cavities had material displaced approximately .015" into nose area adjacent to the alignment pin holes, the nose area was formed back into place at the time of the HP conversion. Pistol566Lyman 429215 (  2 cavity. 44 caliber. )Lyman 44 mold with standard HP in one cavity with two pins to cover a wide range of speeds and alloys. Rifle567Unknown "634" (  1 cavity. 45 caliber. )Mold for air rifle use. Rifle568Unknown "996" (  1 cavity. 50 caliber. )Air rifle mold. Rifle570Ideal 311413 (  1 cavity. 30 caliber. )Extra pin allows different nose styles for different uses. Rifle571Ideal 311413 (  30 caliber. )Standard traditional style HP pin for general use. Rifle594Lyman 454612 (  1 cavity. 45 caliber. )Big HP for high powered air rifle use. Pistol583Lyman 501680 (  1 cavity. 50 caliber. )Big HP in a big bullet! Rifle584Lyman 504617 (  1 cavity. 50 caliber. )Mold is for high power air rifle use. Pistol587Ohaus 44-240-S (  2 cavity. 44 caliber. )Here's a set with two pins for a wide variety of alloy and velocity uses. Rifle588Lyman 457122 (  1 cavity. 45 caliber. )Black-powder rifle mold with extra cup point and flat point pin, a sizer press top punch and a ramrod punch. Pistol590Lyman 358156 (  2 cavity. 38 caliber. )Big HP pin for little targets and a cup point for the tougher targets! rifle591Lyman 311467 (  1 cavity. 30 caliber. )Nice HP for hunting with a traditional style pin plus cup and flat point pin ends. Customer intends bullet for hunting use in a Contender. Pistol592Lyman 429421 (  1 cavity. 44 caliber. )Medium HP for 44 magnum hunting use. Pistol593Lyman 401043 (  2 cavity. 40 caliber. )Big HP for pistol velocities. Rifle595Lyman 501680 (  1 cavity. 50 caliber. )Super size HP destined for use in high powered air rifles. 597Lyman 358665 (  2 cavity. )Lyman 358665 with a fast opening HP. 599Lyman 429244 (  2 cavity. 44 caliber. )Lyman 429244 with a medium speed hunting type HP cavity. Rifle608Lyman 457121 (  1 cavity. 45 caliber. )A standard style HP on a Lyman 457121 with the base band modified per customer requirements. Rifle609Lyman 457122 (  1 cavity. 45 caliber. )Lyman 457122 with a big HP to expand at trapdoor type velocities. Pistol614Ideal 358311 (  1 cavity. 357 caliber. SWC point style. )Deep HP for vermin and a cup point for hunting. Rifle643Lyman 311284 (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. )Super oversize HP for high power air rifle use. Rifle651NEI 625-50-P (  1 cavity. 50 caliber. )Brass NEI mold with huge HP, should just about turn inside out! Rifle662Saeco #352-250 (  2 cavity. 35 caliber. ) Rifle667Lyman 515139 (  1 cavity. 50 caliber. )Lyman 515139 with generous HP for 50-70 caliber use. Pistol668Ideal 358156 (  1 cavity. 38 caliber. )Ideal 358156 with cup point pin installed and spare deeper pin tip. Pistol669Lyman 429215 (  1 cavity. 44 caliber. )Lyman429215 with installed cup point pin and extra pin tip in a deeper cavity style. Rifle680Lyman 311467 (  1 cavity. 30 caliber. )Moderate HP cavity. Pistol686Ideal 358480 (  1 cavity. 38 caliber. )Ideal 358480 with cup point style pin. Pistol688Lyman 452484 (  1 cavity. 45 caliber. )Generous HP cavity for the lower 45 ACP speed range use! Rifle689Mountain Molds MM 478 425 (  1 cavity. )Big HP in a big bullet, good hunter. Rifle693Saeco # 881 (  1 cavity. )Good hunting HP cavity for moderate speeds. Rifle697RCBS  40-350-CS (  1 cavity. 40 caliber. )Moderate HP cavity does not disturb the original meplat size Rifle699Saeco #304 (  1 cavity. 30 caliber. ) Rifle713Lyman 257429 (  1 cavity. 25 caliber. )Nice HP in a Lyman 257429 rifle mold. Pistol714Lyman Ideal 358156 (  1 cavity. 38 caliber. )Ideal 358156 converted to HP. Rifle719Lyman 311041 (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. )Standard style HP conversion on one cavity of a Lyman 311041 double cavity mold. Rifle722Lyman 311466 (  1 cavity. 30 caliber. )Nice Lyman 311466 converted to a cup point style HP for hard hitting medium game hunting use. Rifle727Lyman 358315 (  1 cavity. 35 caliber. )Single cavity mold with standard type HP conversion. Traditional styled and cup point type pins included. Rifle734Lyman 462560 (  1 cavity. )Big HP in a very big thumper bullet. Lose the whole HP nose area and this bullet is still a big thumper! Rifle751Unknown 50 cal  (  50 caliber. )Unknown maker 50 cal mold with oversize pin "standard" HP. Rifle754Lyman 225415 (  1 cavity. 22 caliber. )Lyman 225415 converted to a standard style HP mold. Rifle761NEI 670-586 (  1 cavity. )Oversize pin "standard" HP conversion on a NEI 670-586 mold. Pistol770Lyman 311227 (  1 cavity. 30 caliber. )Adding a hollow point modification to this 30 caliber bullet creates a neat little expanding bullet. Pistol786Lyman 40143 (  1 cavity. 40 caliber. )Lyman 40143 converted to HP creates a medium game hunting bullet. Rifle791Lyman 548657 (  1 cavity. 54 caliber. )Flat bottom shallow HP mimics commercial swaged HP bullets. Rifle794Lyman 311316 (  1 cavity. 30 caliber. )Nice HP conversion for a varmint or lighter hunting bullet depending on velocity and alloy used. Rifle796Lyman 3118 / 31108 (  1 cavity. 30 caliber. )Hollow point conversion with both deep traditional style and cup point style HP pins. Pistol799Lyman 410459 (  1 cavity. 41 caliber. )Nice hunting or plinking bullets for the 41 magnum with this HP conversion with two sizes of HP pin inserts. Rifle807Ideal 311413 (  1 cavity. 30 caliber. )Great condition old Ideal mold altered with my standard HP conversion. Rifle816Lyman 375248 (  1 cavity. 375 caliber. )Extra HP pins allow bullets for many speeds or alloys to be made from one mold. Rifle817Lyman 375449 (  2 cavity. 375 caliber. )Double cavity 375449 mold with one standard HP cavity and multiple HP pin styles to choose from. Rifle832Lyman 257420 (  2 cavity. 25 caliber. )Lyman 257420 converts to a nice little HP mold for varmint use. Rifle844Lyman 457406 (  1 cavity. 458 caliber. )Nice Lyman 457406 mold converted to HP. Rifle854Bullet mold "standHP25-20WCF_pic854" 25-20 WCF (  1 cavity. 25 caliber. )Old one piece mold modified to HP using an H&G-styled HP pin holder. Rifle855Lyman 257463 (  1 cavity. 25 caliber. )Great mold for a varmint HP bullet. Pistol862Lyman 429244 (  1 cavity. 44 caliber. )Standard style HP conversion with generous cavity in this Lyman 429244 mold.